Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 11 (Makeup? Haller.)

What's in your makeup bag?

So I'm sure you guys understand why I crossed out the word "makeup". I mean, HALLER. Me? Makeup? Nuh-uh.

I remember one of my students peeking inside my bag and said something like "a glimpse into the life of Ms. K!" It actually made me wonder what was inside my bag that would give her a glimpse of my life, so I guess it's great timing that I get to write about this today and see if she's right.

So without further ado, I present to you my very messy bag.

1. House Keys - I don't leave home without it. Sometimes I don't know if I'll get home late (I let my workaholic self take control or I get bouts of spontaneity and end up having dinner with friends) and since they usually lock the main door, I have to have these with me so I can get in without waking up people.

2. Perfume - I have two Bvlgari bottles, which I use sparingly. These were just given to me, but I heard they were a bit expensive.

3. Cellphones - I'm using my dad's old Nokia E71 China phone (Smart) and an LG Cookie (Globe). I use the former for personal stuff, and the latter for work.

4. School supplies - I always have to have a pen and a whiteboard marker for my classes. Sure, we have e-classrooms now but there's something about writing on a glass board that makes me feel like I'm a teacher. LOL. As for the highlighter, it was just there in the bag.

5. iPod and charger - I take this with me everywhere I go so I can drown myself in music when necessary. Bought this from a co-worker last Christmas as a gift to myself.

6. Earplugs - I use this in gigs, when I have to do backup vocals. My hearing kinda sucks, so I can't quite hear my voice coming from the monitor speakers. I need these so I can hear myself and try to sing in key.

7. Brush - I think this is self-explanatory. LOL.

8. Medicine - I just recovered from a bad asthma attack a couple of weeks ago so I have to bring with me my trusty Ventolin inhaler. Having asthma sucks; no matter how deep you try to breathe, it's like there's an elephant sitting on your chest, with a cat trapped in there with all the wheezing going on. I take this with me everywhere I go (like my iPod haha) because I never really know when and where it'll attack.

9. Flashlight and matches - your basic emergency stuff. But to be honest, I really don't know what a box of matches is doing in my bag.

10. Alcohol - I gotta keep my hands clean, right?

Okay, now what do these things say about me? I really don't know, but I guess it does tell people a bit about me when they do get to peek inside my bag, assuming they can see anything through the mess. LOL.


The Raipo said...

i'd give you one of my little plastic robots if it happens :3

Peace K.

Keiichi said...

Hahaha, it's okay Kuya Rai. :))

You might hold on to your little plastic robots for a long time, though. xD Naman, hanggang lip gloss lang ako, tapos kahit yon minsan ko lang gamitin. LOL