From the Kaze Official Website:

The origin of the name was an evolution of the band's initial moniker, "The Curse" to "The Cause", that even managed to change into "D'COZ" (but it sounded wrong), to "Kasi" ("Because" in English), and finally, "Kaze".

Like when someone asks you "Why?", and you'd simply say "Because.".

"Kaze (kasi)."

No reason. We just happened.

They are sisters (Kei and Miwa). They were childhood friends (Chevy and Faye). They were classmates from the university (Miwa and Faye), but some of them (Sherwin, Bri, Helen) were sporadically found in different parts of a place where the chance of crossing each other's paths is a little less than the chance of finding your one true love on Friendster. They all met online--in a message board in fact, and the idea of getting together to play music came about. There was no real requirement, no advertisements posted, no agenda to be followed. No real reason except for the fact that they all loved music. And on October 2004, just like that, the band happened.

Just like any other band they started doing covers and eventually proceeded onto making their own songs. With different influences ranging from rock, pop, classical, jazz, alternative, and a bit of indie and punk, their sound is mixture of layered vocals, guitar and violin dominant instrumentation, slow and fast beats, playful basslines, synths and light piano accompaniments.

They don't care about genres. Call them whatever you want. Call them pop, call them OPM, call them anything and squeeze them into little sub genres that only you can understand. But when you come to think of it, all you have to do is listen.

The Roster:

Brianne Ner - guitars
Chevy Densing - drums
Faye Marcos - vocals
Helen Piñgol - keyboards
Kei Gabutero - guitars/backup vox
Miwa Gabutero - bass guitar/backup vox
Sherwin Tolentino - violin/backup vox

For bookings, please contact:
Chevy Densing
Mobile: 09158464103
Email: chevisgod@yahoo.com
- or -
Faye Marcos
Mobile: 09183332849
Email: fayeshka@yahoo.com
- or -
Tenten Abella
Mobile: 09279620771