About Kei

Hello. My name is Kei, and I am a teacher, photo hobbyist, graphic artist, segment producer, editing supervisor, freelance editor, self-proclaimed food critic, cat-lover, coffee addict, and a musician on the side.

I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts at Southville International School and Colleges, and finished my Master's Degree in IT Education in Lyceum of the Philippines, Batangas.

I currently work as a part-time instructor at my college alma mater, teaching AB Multimedia Arts and AB Communication subjects such as photography, graphic design, television and video production and editing. I have done various work in TV, production houses (as an editor), and in print. I also do freelance work as an event photographer and graphic artist (email me at k.gabutero@gmail.com for inquiries).

And when work gets to be a little to much, I escape by playing the guitar for an indie band called Kaze (ka-ZEH).

During my spare time, I like to travel (when I can), curl up in a comfortable corner with a good book, play with my cats, go on photo-walks, and attempt to eliminate my love handles with brisk-walking and badminton. I dream of going to Europe to see the Louvre, going to Japan to see the cherry blossoms, and eating at all of the restaurants inside BF Homes and Greenbelt in search of the best sisig, shawarma and beef salpicao in the Philippines.