Sunday, January 1, 2012

Enter the Dragon

So much for my 30-Day Blog Challenge. LOL. I was consumed by work (as I expected), but I will not make excuses. I will finish this challenge eventually. xD But for now...


2011 was interesting, to say the least. It showered me with blessings of friendship and family, but it also came with challenges that tested my strength and character. I think it's safe to say that I'm ready to take on whatever this year throws my way, after everything that happened last year. But before I talk about my plans for 2012, there are a couple of things I'm thankful for.

1. My family's health. Last year was so stressful - my grandmothers on both sides, my mom, and my grandfather. I'm just so happy that we got through everything, that we're still in one piece. It made me appreciate them more, and not take them for granted just because we see each other everyday.

2. Friendships, old and new. I love my highschool friends. We've been solid for years and years, and I honestly can't see myself without our usual pig-out sessions. I hope our bond lasts until we start comparing disabilities. xD Forever na to, guys! And let's make our last year in our 20's count. More foodtrips and out-of-towns! :))

I'm also thankful for my newfound friends. I'm glad circumstances led us to meet and to get to know each other, because I honestly think I've found people who are worth keeping.

3. My "kiddies". They're one of the reasons why I'm not yet insane. Work can be stressful at times, but I think I manage to keep myself together because I know I'm doing this for them. And I've recently seen and felt how they show their appreciation, and it really warms the heart. Their kind words will take me far. :) So to you, my dear kiddies, thank you so much for everything, and for teaching me lessons in life that I don't think I will learn anywhere else.

4. The band. Whenever work becomes too much that not even my kiddies can do anything, I turn to music. I am very lucky to have my bandmates who are very talented and very, uh, crazy. I will never get tired of spending time with these people, and I hope we get to make more music in the future. Full length album na to, mga panget!

There. Now that that's done, what are my plans for the Year of the Dragon?

1. Watch 60 movies. It felt great when I finished my target (50) last year, even if I watched the last one on the last day of the year (photo finish!). This year, I'm going to add more, and I will try my very best not to cram like hell. Watching around 20 movies in a week almost turned my brain to mush. :))

2. Read 3 books. Unfortunately, I only managed to read 3 last year. I was halfway through the 4th book, but I ran out of time. :( I'm lowering my target because I don't want to fail again. :))

3. Watch what I eat. No, this doesn't mean I'm going on a diet. I mean, I've said that a thousand time but I don't always pull through. So instead of going on a diet, I'm going to be more careful with what I eat. Less sweets and fatty stuff, and no softdrinks. Now you may think it's still dieting. In a way, I guess it is but the difference is, I won't be minimizing my food intake. Lamon parin kung lamon, but I will be more careful with my food choices. :)

4. Relearn the piano. It's been ages since I sat behind the piano and I've forgotten almost all of my pieces. Must relearn them, and I also wanna learn new songs. I never had any formal training and I have a hell of a hard time reading notes, but I know I can do this. Targets - relearn ALL of my old pieces (which is a grand total of...4) and learn new songs (5). Challenge accepted!

5. Expand my wardrobe. I recently realized that I've been wearing the same stuff for, uh, two years I think. Gotta shop more often. Plus I gotta find a rack for my shades. :))

6. Travel with family and/or friends. I want to see more of the Philippines this year. Gotta start saving money and robbing banks.

And just in case someone takes me seriously, I was just kidding about the robbing banks thing.

First trip of the year - Baguio with HS girlies. Whee!

I guess that's it. Let's do this, 2012! I will transform into a dragon this year! *roar, hagis-mesa, buga-apoy*