Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 03 (Suspension)

Your idea of the perfect first date.

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Classes were suspended today, and it was kinda weird because it wasn't really raining hard when they made the announcement. Most of my students asked why when there was no rain, and I told them the guys up north are having a hard time with the weather and that we're lucky we don't get to experience really bad floods here. My prayers go out to those badly affected by the non-stop downpour.

Anyway, on to the challenge.

I have to admit, this is a weird topic for me. I'm not one to go out looking for a romantic relationship just for the sake of having one (unlike some people I know, haha). I'd rather love find me when the time is right. My first plan was to change the topic for Day 03, then I realized that describing my perfect first date couldn't hurt. Plus it's a chance to step out of my comfort zone a bit. So, here it goes.

There are three things I "require" for a first date: good company, good food, and a reliable mode of transportation.

Going out on a date with someone basically means you want to get to know each other, right? You talk about a lot of stuff like school/work, the latest TV series, what movies you like, how Twilight really sucks, and whatever else you can think of. My date should be able to carry a good conversation with me, and not just sit there silently and wait for something to happen. I was told recently about a friend who went on a date with this girl he likes but was silent and brooding the whole time. Uh, no. That just won't do. I can be very talkative when I want to, and my date should be able to keep up and compete with me.

No date is complete without food. The place doesn't have to be really fancy and expensive-looking, as long as they serve really good grub. I'm probably gonna go with tried and tested restaurants instead of trying something new, because I wouldn't want disappointment over food put a damper on things especially when the date is going really well.

Lastly, a car. It may sound a bit materialistic on my part, but I don't really like commuting (I do know how, just so we're clear). I'd rather be stuck in traffic in my car than in a van/bus full of strangers. And I think my date and I can talk more freely that way.

That's it. It actually took me a looooooong time to finish this post, and I'm almost tempted to erase everything and change the topic but I won't. Haha. Here's to hoping tomorrow's topic is easier.


The Raipo said...

I miss classes. Especially when they get suspended :D

Michael said...

yeah twilight sucks!

Keiichi said...

@Raipo: Hahaha, korek! :))

@Michael: Talagang with conviction eh. LOL.