Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 12 (BF)

A photograph of the town you live in.

We moved here two days after I had my first birthday back in19xx (paki-kaskas nalang yung mga 'x' para makita niyo yung year). I can vaguely remember what our house used to look like - large front lawn, black grilled gates, white walls, red roof. Since then, our house was renovated twice, broken into, attacked by termites, flooded inside (not outside, galing no?), and attacked by cockroaches (something I will never ever forget). Still, I love it here. So many memories to keep and share.

The street where I live. I was bored then so I brought out my tripod and camera to do night shots.

Sometimes I can't help but think about how much BF Homes has changed since we came here. Back then we had to go to Southmall or as far as Megamall to buy stuff. Now, you can just drive along the Aguirre Ave. stretch for anything - food, school supplies, appliances, groceries, even car and motorcycle parts. Restaurants and bars have lined up the main street, repair shops have sprouted everywhere, and mini-malls are being built one after the other. If someone were to build a cinema and an airport in here, we can shut ourselves off, stay here forever and call ourselves a country. The Republic of BF. Naks.

I just hope we don't get too commercialized. It'll really suck if they tore down the Tropical Hotel Ruins and all the other scenic, forest-y places so they can make more houses and buildings.

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