Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 06 (We Gotta Be Sneaky, Charlie)

A photo of an animal you'd love to keep as a pet.

Spent the whole day in school today helping the PR Team with the song they're going to use for their campaign. We managed to lay down the chords and finalize the arrangement in about three hours I think. The talent these kids have never ceases to amaze me, and working with them was quite an experience.

When the song was done, I tried helping out with the rest of the team and was instantly reminded of why I was in production. I am so not cut out for research. One of them was so drained from all the thinking, she decided to take a break by letting her other teammate watch Charlie the Unicorn.

Yeah. Bad idea if you're in the brink of having a mental breakdown.

Speaking of unicorns, I've always wanted one of these as a pet. If I remember correctly, unicorns are "mythical" creatures that portray purity and grace, and can heal sickness or something. That could come in handy when I start feeling crappy but I need to work. If I can't get a unicorn, a Pegasus would be nice. I'd bring it to work and bypass the horrible traffic. I'm not sure if they allow mythical creatures in the office, so I gotta be sssssssneaky.

Argh, I can't write anymore. We just finished band practice and I've been playing the guitar since this morning. My fingers are dead.   


Michael said...

pinanood nyu nga raw :)) nakaka brain explode pag pinanood yan habang brain drain :)) sabaaaw

Keiichi said...

Haha, I told her to watch Marshmallow People. Bumenta hahaha! Lalong sabaw! XD