Monday, February 28, 2011


n. the interaction of one personality with another; sympathetic understanding; rapport.

Last Feb. 28 to Mar. 02, the 3rd year ABMA students made waves by holding the first-ever external exhibit in the history of Media Arts. Ice Adriano, Michael Brion, Michael Manansala, Krizia Parungao and Lawrence Virina rolled up their sleeves, dusted their hands and whipped up a storm by showcasing their impressive works in digital and film photography, animation, video production and graphic design at The Enterprise Center in Makati City. I was fortunate enough to see the opening of the exhibit, which they called "Timeless", and I am impressed with what they came up with after months of planning and hard work. They all looked sharp and held themselves professionally whenever someone would approach them and ask about their work. They've grown up so quickly, and witnessing that growth is something I will truly never forget. I'm sure they will excel in whatever field they choose to get into after they graduate.

Left to Right: Lawrence Virina, Krizia Parungao, Michael Brion, Mr. Jepster Togle, Ms. Felma Tria (AB Mass Communication
and Media Arts Chairperson), Michael Manansala, and Ice Adriano. Photo taken by Sachiko Miyazawa.

Another thing I'm proud of is my Digital Photography class comprised of the 2nd year Media Arts students. I brought them to Makati to cover the Timeless exhibit opening, and I think they did a pretty good job. Everything was documented, even the dust on the floor. They worked systematically and in sync with each other. That's what I like about this batch - they have this bond that manifests when they need to work together as a group, even if they're not one whole barkada. And when they start getting serious, they transform into a force to be reckoned with (even with the excessive amounts of "kamanyakan" some of them seem to exude).

Digital Photography class, 2nd semester, AY2010-11. Photo taken by Michael Manansala.

So what do these two groups have in common? Yep. Chemistry.

Good job, guys. ;)

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