Tuesday, March 29, 2011

College Kids Can Also Say The Darndest Things

I really believe that education is a two-way thing. Sure, teachers are supposed to impart some sort of knowledge (academic and otherwise) to their students but I think it's also healthy for us teachers to sit back, relax, and try to learn something from the kiddies (they're not literally kids, this is just a term I use). I teach college students, and after spending another year with these crazies, I've picked up quite a few things. I'm just not sure if they're useful or not. LOL

1.) "Humanap ka kasi ng panget para pag na-busted ka, di ganun kasakit." (Find someone who is ugly so it won't hurt so much when she dumps you.) Ah yes, the words of the great Andrew E., tweaked just a tiny bit by Y.M. while consoling a broken-hearted F.B. Brilliant piece of advice, especially when said with a straight face like it's the most obvious thing you can do.

2.) "Miss, pa-deliver ka sa McDo! No minimum wage!" I think she meant "no minimum (delivery) fee". I really got a kick out of this one because of the conviction in her voice. LOL

3.) "Giggity, giggity." My students' version of "yihee", with matching knowing looks and sly grins. Kinda scary, to be perfectly honest.

4.) "Smooth na smooth!" An alternative to "swabeng-swabe", this can be used whenever you see an arrogant piece of *insert profanities here* being, well, arrogant. It's vague, inconspicuous, and perfect. :))

5.) "My cat ate my Mechdraft*." Ah yes, the old "the dog ate my homework" adage with a twist. Although this time, the cat can eat almost anything - homework, cars, gasoline, even your own dignity. You name it.

*Mechdraft is a subject where I teach them how to draw different 3d projections in a 2d plane. It's a very basic engineering/architecture class. Think blueprints and plans and all that jazz.

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