Friday, June 29, 2012


My laptop crashed last Saturday.

It started with the OS acting up, and then boom! There goes the hard drive.

I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. That laptop's been with my family since I was still an ignorant college freshman in UPLB, and I'm honestly surprised (and impressed) that it lasted this long. I've been meaning to make backups of my files but kept putting it off, so know what they say, "nasa huli ang pagsisisi."

Everything's gone. :( My school stuff, my video and audio files, and my pictures. The last one's the real kicker; these are things I cannot recreate nor download (in high-resolution, because FB compresses photos like a steam roller), unlike all my other documents and files.

I just remembered that my portfolio was in there. ARGH.

Moral of the story: MAKE DOZENS OF BACKUPS.

So now I'm laptop-hunting. I need one that can handle Sims 3 and Adobe Photoshop (not at the same time, of course). Any suggestions?


Koykoy said...

Wait! So hindi na-recover sa PC Express / Laptop Experts or something yung laman ng drive mo?

Keiichi said...

I was able to back up a few, gumana kasi yung live CD OS ni Ate ng Ubuntu. Tapos habang nagkokopya ako ng files, the hard drive made this clicking sound tapos ayaw na gumana. I went to PC Express, tapos di na daw madetect yung hard drive so pinapunta nila ako sa specialist talaga sa SM. When I went there, sinabi ko yung problem tapos nung namention ko na nagki-click yung hard drive, sabi nung girlaloo dun na sira na daw yon at di na maaayos. :(

I still have one more thing to try, though. Meron daw dito sa BF na data recovery ek ek. Pupuntahan ko when I have the time. For now, nakikigamit ako ng PC ni Mama or laptop ni Ate. Hay.

At siyempre nobela na to. :))