Saturday, June 30, 2012

Greetings from Nueva Ecija!

This has been a really bad week. Aside from my laptop's demise, work has been a real challenge (can't expound on that. Let's just say it's only the second week and I feel like I was thrown under a bus 14 times). This weekend is just what I need to cap things off.

It's my Lola's birthday today! Since she's here in Nueva Ecija, the whole clan decided to hold the reunion here so she won't have to travel far. I'd like to say that the travel time was long, but I really didn't notice since I practically crashed as soon as I got in the car at 5AM (went out the night before and came home sabog at 2AM, hehe). Anyway, it's my first time to visit my Tita Susan's house and I'm having a chill time so far - stuffed myself senseless, sang a couple of songs (I think that's why it rained pretty hard), stuffed myself senseless, wrote on my Uncle Nel's dusty Alterra (mwehehehehe), took pictures of people and cats sleeping on tires, and listened to my cousin's friends tire-out the videoke machine. Oh, and I stuffed myself senseless.

Happy 85th birthday, Nanay Rubing! I heartyouberimeni!

Miwa, Lola and I. <3

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