Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Missing Missy No More

Yes! Just when I was about to lose all hope, Jaffe was returned to us! I almost didn't want to put up those posters because I thought it was too late, that Jaffe had been run over by some road maniac (speaking of which, I had my very first roadkill the other day but that's another story to tell), or cat-napped by an old lady who collects stray cats, or just plain lost forever. It was a good idea to post them after all.

So how exactly did we find him?

Last Saturday before I going to the reunion, I asked the guard to put up some posters on the village gates. A couple of days later, our helper has been getting reports from a couple of neighbors about a cat who suspiciously looks like Jaffe prowling the other street at night. This afternoon, the guard called our house and said that Jaffe was hiding in the bushes so our helper went out to get him. According to Ate Gina, the cat ran to her when she called out his name. And voila! He's home!

Jaffe looks okay but he did get really thin. The maid from one of the houses on the other street tried to feed him, but he's just not used to human food. He's limping on his right fore paw, and he reeks of garbage and, uh, kitty stuff. I bet he's got a colony of fleas on him as well. If I could soak him in soap water for three days, I would.

You might think I'm crazy for getting emotional over a cat. You're right. Unfortunately, I don't care what you think. I'm just glad he's home. :)

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