Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Double Down Experience

I've been itching to sample the Double Down ever since my sister posted pictures of the thing swimming in gravy. Every time I go to KFC after work, they'd be sold out and I would leave with my head low and heart crushed (okay, I'm exaggerating.). So when my mother offered to buy me breakfast after waking me up (waaaay before my wake up time, if I may add) to help her with grocery shopping, guess where we went.

A KFC Double Down (for those who have not heard nor seen it) is a thing of beauty (for those who just can't get enough of chicken). Two pieces of chicken breast fillet cooked in the usual KFC style make up the "bun" of this so-called sandwich, and inside are pieces of bacon and cheese, smothered with a healthy glop of mayonnaise. Some call it a glorified cordon bleu not worthy of time or money, while others, a party in their mouths. I got so many different reactions (good and bad) from my friends that it got me curious. I just had to try it myself.


I sat down and looked at the items before me - Php135 got me the Double Down, coleslaw, and a glass of Mountain Dew; pretty okay, if you have extra cash to spare. I opened the wax paper and was immediately disappointed with the size. My friends weren't kidding when they said it was small; it was almost the size of my LG Cookie, only thicker. I took a bite and waited for the party to start.



Okay, no party. There was a burst of flavor because of the cheese and the mayo but other than that, it tasted like the chicken cordon bleu I used to swipe from my best friend back in highschool. The only difference was the distinct KFC chicken flavor. I could already see the "umay" factor, so I ate the Double Down with rice and lots and lots of gravy.

Now I love anything with chicken, cheese, mayo, and bacon, but this kind of fell short even if it had everything I wanted. Bottom line, the Double Down tastes good but it's not something I will crave for nor eat every day, lest I want my cholesterol to shoot through the roof.


Kuykuy said...

Di ba?! Hahaha. Congrats finally you've experienced it!

The Raipo said...

At least Ok siya sa rice di ba? Nakakaumay nga pag yung double-down lang.

Keiichi said...

@Sherwin: Hahaha, yey! Pero di ko na uulitin in the near future. :))

@Rai: Ulam to eh. Di to puwedeng stand-alone. :))