Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Spirit

Tradition dictates that as Filipinos, we just have to start putting up the lights and setting up the tree as soon as September rolls in. As a kid, I used to really look forward to taking walks with my sister around our village, looking at the neighbors' decorations and just letting the cool Christmas breeze give us goosebumps. Those were the days when we didn't have anything to worry about except teachers and homework.

As the years passed, my enthusiasm for Christmas somehow faded. It got to a point where it's almost Christmas and I'd still feel like it's an ordinary day. I'm not surprised, really. We grow up, we get jaded, and we sometimes forget to feel the happiness that usually comes with the season.

Still, there are some things that get us into the Christmas mood. It could be the endless parties, the overflowing gifts, or the heart-attack-inducing food laid out on the table. For me, it's family. I recently realized that the past few Christmas Days seemed bleh because my family wasn't complete. There was one Christmas when my parents and sister were away in Mindoro. The next year was pretty much the same, but this time my grandmother was in the hospital so my parents had to take care of her. This year, I'm hoping we'll all be together. When my family is complete, then that is when I feel the Christmas spirit.

"Family means too much. Friends are too valuable. Life is too short to put off sharing with people how much they really mean to you, and pursuing whatever it is to make you happy."

Very true.

So what is the point of this post? Nothing much. Just some pre-Christmas musings. I hope that everyone will have a blessed and meaningful Christmas with your families and friends.

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The Raipo said...

Merry Christmas Kei! For realz! hehe peace!