Monday, February 1, 2016

Stress Drilon

I mentioned to a friend earlier today that I think I am destined to be stressed forever. Just when I thought things were starting to pick up, something throws a wrench in the works and I go back to being a huge mess. 

Just to give you an insight as to why I'm posting emo shit like this, something happened today that basically inconvenience some members of my family and I can't help but think/feel that it's my fault and it's eating me. Yes, it's vague, but I do not want to go into details. Pa-mysterious, ganern. Or not.

I am going crazy.

Work, food and friends managed to distract me but my thoughts keep drifting back and I feel detached from everything. Which makes me feel worse than I already do.

Feelings like these make me wish I'm a potato. So I can just potate and not write stuff like this at 5am.

I shouldn't have had that cup of coffee (Kopiko Blanca. Effective, in fairness).

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