Tuesday, February 2, 2016


This is probably my 4th attempt in actually starting this post. Fell asleep the first three. LOL.

So I'm feeling a whole lot better than yesterday. Still in a weird funk and this time, It comes with shortness of breath. I think I'm having an attack. Hmm, maybe it's the meds that's making me so lethargic and sleepy.

I have this friend who owns a chocolate cafe, and she and her sister would always ask me first if I'd gotten any sleep whenever I try to order anything that has coffee. It's funny and cute and sweet in a way that these people are concerned with my sleeping patterns. So if ever you two come across this blog and this post, it's two in the morning and I'm just finishing this one up and I promise to go to bed as soon as this is published. :D (Nagreport. Haha.)

I have always been nocturnal. Concentration and focus comes so easily when everyone is asleep and the only thing I can hear would be the tapping of the keyboard, or the clicking of the mouse (or the squeaking of an actual mouse, but that's a story for next time), or music, or my voice inside my head. I tend to be more productive and creative. Sometimes, even after being awake for three days (with maybe one or two hours of power naps and copious amounts of caffeine in my system), I can still feel like I can take over the world at night.

But when I crash, I crash badly. Now I'm sick. I can't complain, though. Ginusto ko to. LOL.

The good thing about having a fucked-up body clock is that I rarely get to dream. It's been a while since I had a dream I can actually remember, and having no dreams can at least lessen my confusion/frustration/tendency to over think.

And I should stop before I start rambling again. LOL.

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