Friday, June 17, 2011

"Masakit Ang Ulo Ko"

Masakit Ang Ulo Ko
(My Head Hurts)

Once upon a time, there was a teacher who slept late and woke up early. So early, that the first thing she said before sitting up from her bed was "Masakit ang ulo ko, shet." She was sorely tempted to stay in and sleep the day off, but she had a class in the morning and could not afford to miss it because the school will not pay her. So she dragged herself from bed and into the shower.

She got to school earlier than usual, which was surprising because traffic in front of the school was usually pretty bad. She went up to the office to get herself ready for class, but just when she thought things were turning out okay, she found her students waiting outside, the classroom locked, and the technician nowhere to be seen. Fifteen minutes of her life, wasted.

She started class late. At least they were complete. She tried to make the lesson as interesting as she could, even though it was mostly lecture. Now she's sitting in front of one of the computer units while the class is on break, and writing about how the morning was going so far.

And then one of her students (let's call her Scratchy) offered to get her medicine from the clinic, which she is grateful for, but then that student tried to coerce her into giving her plus points for it. The teacher just laughed and laughed. And laughed. And laughed some more.

Plus points? Ano yun?

"Masakit parin ang ulo ko."

The teacher, after three hours of listening to her students talk about their love lives (related to their exercise, promise), is now seriously thinking of just crashing on her bed for some well-deserved sleep. But she can't because she's at work. Therefore...

"Masakit ang ulo ko, shet."

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