Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Elliot Stabler

You've been in SVU for 12 long years, and we've all seen you catch pervs and rapists, get shot, grill suspects in interrogation, get stabbed with a pen, make out with Dani Beck, struggle with your marriage, go undercover numerous times, turn women to lifeless goo with your blue eyes, bare your chest (much to your female fans' delight), and constantly flirt with Olivia Benson without even trying. I admit that you're not one of my favorites at first, but your stubbornness and temper grew on me and you're a staple in the 1-6 that I can't imagine not seeing your manly man figure walking down the hall with your partner. I am sad to hear that I won't see you next season. I will miss the badass-ness you bring to the show, and of course, it won't be the same without that yummy tension between you and Benson. I do not want to see you go, but such is life. The best of luck to you.

Ampogi-pogi, syet.

And to the producers, he BETTER have a graceful exit. Don't go killing him off or something, or I will be really pissed.


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