Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 01 (Sunday Slowdown)

A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Okay, Day 1. Where do I start?

I posted this picture almost a week ago, after my doctor ordered me to take a week-long sick leave. As I mentioned in that blog entry, I've been on bed rest since last Tuesday because the cough and colds I ignored the previous week worsened into respiratory infection and bronchitis. Yep, it's a bad case of asthma, thanks to the workaholic in me kicking in and refusing to miss even a day at work. I keep telling my kiddies (a.k.a my students) to take care of their health and rest when they're sick. I should start following my own advice.

At least I'm feeling better now but I'm still having occasional coughing and sneezing fits. Am I ready to go to work tomorrow? We'll see. I might have to take things easy and hope nothing stresses me out (yes, I'm looking at you my dear students).

I woke up this cold and rainy Sunday morning to the sounds of my parents and sisters in the kitchen and Phil Collins' "Another Day in Paradise" blasting from the neighbor's radio. My dad cooked Spicy Kaldereta (a request from me and my sister), I ate a lot, drank meds, wrote a review for Bento-Ya, worked on a couple of grading sheets, and took naps. It's your typical bed weather routine - eat, sleep, surf teh Internetz. The rain is making me want to curl up in a bed with a sea of comforters and uber soft pillows, and read a book or watch a movie or TV series (Game of Thrones?) while drinking hot chocolate. I think I'm gonna be in trouble if the rain doesn't let up and the weather is still like this tomorrow morning.

In other words, today is a lazy, lazy Sunday, and I hope I'm well enough to go to work tomorrow. I miss my desk. 

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