Sunday, January 2, 2011


First of all, let me all greet you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Here's to hoping for a brighter, better, and more meaningful 2011 for all of us! ^_^

Here's something I did for my high school friends - a new year greeting card. The picture was taken in Casa San Pablo, Laguna where we had an amazing overnight stay filled with good food, grownup girl bonding, Absolut Kurant, and intense and competitive games, like Scrabble (hey, when you have an editor-in-chief, a "Best English Communicator" awardee, two English teachers, a writer, and a bunch of Grammar Nazis playing, then you bet it's gonna get dirty).

Now since it's supposed to be a time for new beginnings, I have a couple of resolutions in mind.

1. WATCH MORE MOVIES. My friends know that I don't watch movies that often. Case in point - I have not seen Spiderman 3 and that was way back what? 2007? So I will watch at least 50 movies this year, may it be the latest blockbuster hit or an all-time classic. Just last night, I saw Wall-E and Enchanted on the Disney Channel. 48 more to go.

2. EXERCISE. I started brisk-walking at least four times a week sometime in December. That's a start, right? But after all the festivities, I have a loooooooot of catching up to do.

3. READ. I honestly believe that people who cannot appreciate a good book lack imagination and creativity. Books are a good source of inspiration and ideas which you can tweak and twist into whatever shape and form you want. Plus, reading can help you expand your vocabulary and improve grammar. I thank my older sister for exposing me to writers like Jessica Zafra, Stephen King, Robert Jordan, etc. and to my bookworm friends. Anyway, back to topic. I will read at least 5 books this year. Baby steps.

4. WRITE MORE SONGS. I might have to bring a small notebook with me, just in case a line pops up suddenly in my head. Also, I won't care if it sounds too "pop" for some people. I can't help it if I grew up listening to pop, and I don't plan on pleasing everybody.

5. SOCIALIZE, aka see my friends more often. I'm also going to try and meet up with friends whom I haven't seen in the longest time, like my good ol' elbi buddies. Oh, and elbi itself. I miss the place.

6. GO ON TRIPS. At least two out of town trips, and maybe one out of the country trip. Whatever my budget allows.

7. SAVE MONEY. Yes, I will unleash my inner Ilocano and go kuripot on everyone. I need the money if I want to do number 6. :)

Aaaaand that's it. I leave you with this very inspiring quote from none other than Lord Voldemort himself:

"Did you know if you wish at 11:11 on 1/1/11 that... nothing'll fucking happen. If you want something, stop wishing & get off your lazy ass."

Check out his Twitter account. Hilarious.


Mars said...

Did someone say read? (Hehehe.)

P.S. Start with Vorkosigan Saga from Cryoburn CD. The rest is not so consistently good.

Keiichi said...

Ooooh, ebooks. Thanks, 'te. Asan pala yung Neil Gaiman books mo? Gusto ko tapusin Sandman.